Bringing life to live experiences

We are an event production and experience marketing agency specialising in creative live communications; with the ability and knowledge in-house to deliver innovative and perception changing experiences.

At Owl Live we help brands tell their stories effectively and powerfully through out of the box ideas and strategically engaging content. What sets us apart from most agencies is our ability to create an impact through the use of both conventional and original communication tactics.

With backgrounds in event management, psychology and multiple communication platforms; paired with a firm understanding of today’s culture, we understand what it takes to develop a successful brand.

Once upon a time...

…an events company was born. They took tremendous pride in everything they did, so it made sense that the company was called Organised With Love, or Owl for short.

Owl soon established a reputation in the business as a vibrant and creative company, who not only knew how to create an unforgettable experience, but how to get the most from their client’s budgets. Over the years that knowledge and experience has grown to offer a whole new range of skills – from innovative design and advanced audio visual techniques, to extraordinary live events and experiences.

Everything we do is organised with pride, precision, experience, wisdom and genuine creative flair. And of course, plenty of love.

It’s time to embrace the extraordinary with Owl Live.

Case Studies

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s leading brands to help them get the best out of their live communications. Some big, some small, each with different challenges and budgets, but all with a desire to embrace creativity and experience something extraordinary.

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Adidas Case Study


Olympic Launch


Everton FC

Celebration Dinner


Talk Talk

Staff Incentive Campaign


Hill Dickinson




Internal Conference


Royal Bank of Scotland

Awards & Recognition Gala


Cable & Wireless

Global Christmas Party Project


Sales Conference


Makers Mark

Global Brand Ambassador Event


Riverside Housing

Staff Communication Roadshow

Open your eyes...

Put simply we do live communications. conferences, exhibitions, event management, awards, launches, celebrations, incentives. You name it: if it’s live, we love it. Owl Live use intelligent strategy combined with extraordinary creativity, knowledge and experience to deliver your messages in the most effective way. Engaging, educating, motivating, rewarding. And we do all this with as much energy as possible to ensure everything lives on long after the event.

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As you’ve seen…

  • We’ve helped Kellogg’s communicate internally
  • We’ve helped Adidas engage their staff for London 2012
  • We’ve helped Maker’s Mark increase brand awareness
  • We’ve helped Talk Talk motivate their sales team
  • We’d love to help you too.

It’s time to open your eyes to a whole new world of Live Communication.
It’s time to open your eyes to Owl Live.

Join Us

The saying goes that great minds think alike. At Owl Live we prefer to say that great minds think differently; how else could we deliver engaging, inspiring, extraordinary experiences to our clients time and time again?

We're always on the look out for people who have the ability to look at problems in an unusual way – it’s the only way we can find those all important unusual solutions. But we do all share a passion for live communications and thrive on a new challenge. That's what kicks us out of bed in the morning with a spring in our step.

So open our eyes to what you’ve got to offer and get in touch today.

Meet the Team

As with any business, we’re only as good as our people, so we take great care to build a unique team of professionals. They bring energy, they bring enthusiasm, they bring knowledge, experience and a whole host of extraordinary qualities. They bring life to our business, so we can bring yours to life too. We also work with a close network of talented specialists who have enabled us to expand our client offering. From advanced AV production, eye-catching set design and motion graphics, to anything else imaginable, we make it all possible.

Death by powerpoint – guilty as charged?

Yes we all love having a little laugh at this saying but the truth is that whilst we laugh most of us are still committing these heinous and avoidable crimes. Presenters are still writing last minute speeches on the train and still using their slides as a notes page, instead of something that re-enforces their […]

Taking Responsibility

It’s reported that one US Government Department recently spent over $800,000 on an event in Las Vegas for 300 delegates. This included Conference organisers spending $130,000 on the site visit alone. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much of this went on the tables?

Are events important?

I speak to a lot of people and there is very much still a feeling of ‘doom and gloom’ in the marketplace. And with good reason. However, all of our favourite large corporate events venues around the UK seem to be close to capacity or full already for Q3-4 of 2013. What does this tell us about the importance people are placing on events in difficult times?

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If you like what you’ve read then please give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and explain how we can give you the best return on your investment by bringing your live events to life.

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